text-lineAirComm is the driving force for more than just ground transportation. We’re the driving force for convenience, too.

Take centralized billing. AirComm itemizes data for each employee, complete with dates, cities traveled, pickup location, and purchase order numbers, all of this in a line item format.

It’s true AirComm gives you the lowest overall rates of any ground transportation company in the nation. It’s true we offer the finest vehicles and drivers. But the overriding reason you should choose AirComm for your corporation’s transportation is simple. CONVENIENCE.

You will find it convenient to call one simple toll-free number for travel arrangements in any city. Convenient to have peace of mind, knowing that you’re dealing with the most professional, dedicated and experienced transportation company in the United States.

For a new direction in chauffeured driven service, call 1-800-AIRCOMM.


February 01, 2012

Olympic Games in London - Preparing Now

Several months out from the Olympic Games in London, Tim Crockett, owner of Chicago-based AirComm Chauffeured Services, is already in the thick of it. He’s jetting off to meetings, writing and editing detailed playbooks, brainstorming with the planners, and working out the last-minute kinks. He already has the cars secured, and he’s ensuring that all … Olympic Games in London – Preparing Now