February 01, 2012

Olympic Games in London – Preparing Now

aircomm04-09-13Several months out from the Olympic Games in London, Tim Crockett, owner of Chicago-based AirComm Chauffeured Services, is already in the thick of it. He’s jetting off to meetings, writing and editing detailed playbooks, brainstorming with the planners, and working out the last-minute kinks. He already has the cars secured, and he’s ensuring that all of the chauffeurs are properly background checked. He’ll soon complete dry runs with the chauffeurs and the event planners so that they know the proper route to follow and what the protocol will be. The smallest, most seemingly insignificant details have been considered and accounted for. When it comes time for the event, he and the AirComm team will be more than ready for the challenge.

It’s not like this is Crockett’s first rodeo. He and his office staff have been working with meeting planners to coordinate and handle these types of events for close to two decades. The fact that it’s taking place across the pond is inconsequential. Language and culture barriers can be bridged with the assistance of translators and meeting planners who are in tune with the local customs.

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