Roadshow/Private air


Road Shows:

Let AirComm’s Road Show Desk assist in developing the routes to best serve the productivity of your Analyst and Managers.  May it be numerous stops in one city, or multiple stops across the nation; AirComm is best suited to guide the transition between them.  The consistency that AirComm brings city to city will allow your Road Show Team the peace of mind required in carrying out a vigorous pace.  And our centralized billing, customized reports, and competitive rates will even bring a smile to your controller.

Private Air:

Many transportation providers claim to understand the sensitivity of providing transportation for private aircrafts, but the detail in AirComm’s FBO training process is unmatched.  With the average private aircraft exceeding $1,000,000.00 in value, having a chauffeur that has been properly trained to understand how to maneuver while on a tarmac is critical.  AirComm’s FBO training process details the numerous prerequisites required to perform a safe and precise tarmac experience.  Items covered include ramp speed, aircraft approach, vehicle lighting, breaking and handler commands.

Transportation Plans:

Whether bringing in your CEO or transporting your entire Board of Directors, let AirComm’s experienced team of ground transportation professionals write the transportation plan that best suits the needs of your executive officers.  With a traveling team of industry veterans on your side, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all aspects from chauffeur training, logistic and route planning, tarmac protocol, emergency evacuation, and background checks are detailed in a transportation playbook that has been custom tailored to the needs of the program.

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